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Emergency SignFire, Safety & Emergency Signs

Exit, Fire and Emergency Signs are mandated by OSHA for every facility to ensure employee and visitor safety in an emergency. Choose from Glow in the Dark Exit & Fire, Non Glow Exit & Fire, 2-Way & 3-Way View, Evacuation & Shelter, Electrical Exit Signs. Exit, Fire and Emergency signs meet OSHA regulations and other standards including NFPA, UL and more. Exit, Fire and Emergency Signs will help employees and visitors find exits and help fire fighters locate emergency equipment.

We can help create a complete fire safety and exit sign system to stay compliant with OSHA, NFPA, ADA Braille Signs, UL and local building codes regulations.

National Fire Control provides:

  1. Exit & Fire Signs
  2. Glow in the Dark Exit & Fire Signs
  3. Electrical Exit Signs
  4. Fire Extinguisher Safety Signs
  5. Use Stairs Fire Signs
  6. Directional Arrow Safety Signs
  7. Evacuation and Shelter Signs

Statewide Service

We provide the correct emergency signs to keep businesses safe and compliant in Arizona.

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