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Fire AlarmsAutomatic Fire Alarms

Sales | Inspection | Installation | Monitoring | Service | Testing | Training

Fire Alarm systems are required to be tested and inspected annually in accordance with NFPA 72 and local authorities. National Fire Control performs regularly scheduled annual maintenance inspections and testing of most types of fire alarm systems.

National Fire Control designs and installs automatic fire alarms and voice evacuation systems that meet the requirements of NFPA 72 and local authorities.

National Fire Control Provides Complete Fire Alarm Services:

Phoenix Fire Sprinkler System
  1. Annual Inspections
  2. Hazard Assessments
  3. Testing
  4. Service and Repairs
  5. Design and Installation
  6. Voice Evacuation
  7. Mass Notification
  8. Tenant Improvements
  9. Firelite Distributor
  10. Voice Evacuation
  11. Monitoring Services

Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Systemss & Monitoring Packages

24/7 UL Approved Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

In most buildings, the greatest risk of fire loss occurs when your building is unoccupied. Alarm monitoring meets code requirements and provides the extra measure of security to protect your assets when no one is on the scene to respond to a fire.

National Fire Control provides:

  1. 24/7/365 Fire Alarm Monitoring Service
  2. UL Approved Monitoring Stations
  3. Trained & Qualified Technicians
  4. Digital Dialers
  5. Radio Dialers
  6. Wireless Monitoring

Business Security Systems

Inspection | Maintenance | Installation

Your business simply MUST have a security system to protect your assets and personnel. Why take a chance?

National Fire Control Provides Complete Security Systems For Businesses:

  1. System Design and Installation
  2. Annual Inspection and Maintenance
  3. Security Monitoring
  4. Tenant Improvements

Statewide Service

We provide the highest quality fire alarms, security systems and alarm monitoring with cost effective pricing in Arizona.

  1. UL Approved Monitoring Stations
  2. Professionally Trained & Qualified Technicians
  3. Firelite Distributor
  4. Licensed & Bonded
  5. Locally Owned & Operated Since 1982
  6. Mesa Chamber of Commerce Member

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