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Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are the most reliable fire protection systems known, providing 24/7/365 protection. It is CRITICAL that they be maintained by licensed professionals to insure the proper operation and integrity of the system. Get a free, no obligation quote today!

Fire Sprinklers will operate automatically in the area of fire origin, preventing a fire from growing undetected to a dangerous size while simultaneously sounding an alarm. National Fire Control inspects, tests, installs, repairs and maintains fire sprinkler systems in accordance with the requirements or NFPA 25 and local fire code requirements.

National Fire Control Provides Complete Fire Sprinkler Services:

Phoenix Fire Sprinkler System
  1. Annual or Quarterly Inspection (as required by code)
  2. Emergency Repairs
  3. New Installations
  4. Tenant Improvement
  5. Fire Pump Inspections & Repairs
  6. Site Surveys
  7. Fire Hydrant Inspections & Repair

All Types of Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

  1. Wet
  2. Dry
  3. Pre-Action
  4. Deluge
  5. Anitfreeze
  6. Foam
  7. Fire Pumps

Fire Sprinklers: Statewide Service

National Fire Control provides the highest quality fire protection with cost effective pricing and an innovative approach to the design, installation, repair and maintenance of fire sprinkler equipment in Arizona.

  1. Licensed & Bonded
  2. NFPA 25 Standards Compliant
  3. Locally Owned & Operated Since 1982
  4. Mesa Chamber of Commerce Member

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