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Phoenix Backflow Preventer

Certified Backflow Device Testing | Installation | Repair | Cages

Certified Backflow Testing and Prevention

We Test, Install and Service Most Manufacturers Including:
Ames | Conbraco | Febco | Watts | Wilkins

Backflow prevention assemblies are on the consumer side of the meter – which means that the responsibility of maintenance and testing lies with YOU. Phoenix water agencies require that the assemblies they track be tested annually by a certified backflow assembly tester. National Fire Control performs testing, installations, repairs & certifications of all types and sizes of backflow prevention assemblies. Click here to get a free, no obligation quote.

Phoenix Backflow Solutions

National Fire Control performs backflow device testing annually to keep your company in compliance with local Phoenix authorities. We are also there to perform service and repairs when needed to keep you in regulation with Phoenix code requirements.

Backflow Device
  1. Annual Testing
  2. Inspections
  3. Service and Repairs
  4. Installations and Replacements
  5. Cages & Protective Enclosures
  6. Engineering, Design and Installation
  7. Hazard Assessments
  8. Consultation & Surveys

Types of Backflow Prevention Devices Tested

  1. Domestic, Irrigation, Fire Line
  2. Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly: commonly used for soda fountains, industrial plants, hospitals and other applications which require maximum protection
  3. Double Check Valve Assembly: commonly used for fire sprinkler systems that do not contain toxic fluids and are considered to be low hazard

  4. Pressure Vacuum Breaker: used primarily for irrigation systems to protect against back-siphoning

  5. Anti-Siphon Spill-Resistant Vacuum Breaker: generally found as an integral part of indoor equipment or machines such as icemakers and restaurant equipment

Approved Backflow Prevention Services including Testing, Installations and Repairs in the following Municipalities and Surrounding Areas:

  1. Arizona American Water Company
  2. Global Water Management
  3. Arizona Water Company
  4. LPSCO
  5. Valley Utilities
  6. Liberty Utilities

Phoenix Backflow Testing Experts

National Fire Control has been providing backflow prevention products and testing services in Phoenix, Arizona for over 15 years.

  1. Licensed & Bonded
  2. ABPA Certified Technicians
  3. Meets Local Codes and Requirements
  4. Locally Owned & Operated
  5. Established in 1982
  6. Statewide Service Including the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area
  7. A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

BBB Member A+ Rating

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